At SMS Technologies, quality is a culture, not simply a discipline. We have invested heavily in industry-specific quality certifications for our core customer base, in addition to broad framework represented by ISO 9001:2000. Our certifications/registrations include:

  • ISO 9001:2000
  • AS-9100
  • FDA registration
  • ISO/TS 16949

Our Quality Manual is available on request.

COMSEC Approved
For telecommunications and military products, SMS is an approved manufacturer by the National Security Agency under the strict government COMSEC designation. We have a secure room and secure work area on the production floor plus specific procedures, processes and trained staff that allow us to receive, install, and ship sensitive telecom devices used in electronics equipment.

IPC Compliance and Best Practices
At the core of SMS ' Best Practices and daily operating policies, you will find adherence to the latest IPC-A-610C specification, which has been widely adopted by the Department of Defense and approved by ANSI. SMS is also certified for IPC-7711 (rework) and IPC 7721 (repair), and are certified to provide our own in-house training. In maintaining our strict quality standards and Best Practices in-house, we calibrate over 367 different pieces of equipment annually.

Our quality practices are further strengthened by an ongoing:

  • Continuous improvement programs
  • Corrective action system
  • SPC (Statistical Process Control)
  • QSR (GMP) compliancy for medical devices
  • 100% component traceability

Training Programs

We maintain an on-going training and certification program for our staff. Quality, and the continuous improvement of it, is an integral part of our operating philosophy. Our training and education committee reports directly to senior management. Our staff includes certified trainers for the following:

  • IPC-A-610
  • IPC-7711 (rework)
  • IPC-7721 (repair)
  • J-STD-001 (assembly)

Each factory employee gets a minimum of 40-hours of training per year. We train our inspectors to inspect to your specifications and train our workers to build to your specifications.

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